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  • G-Forms Pro-S Shin Guards, Impact Protection, Revolutionized!

    For those who know or may not know G-Form, the partner sponsor of our very own Albion Pros and Albion SC is a recognized leader of a new revolutionized technology assuring superior impact protection to professional athletes around the world.

    G-Form has taken on many different standards of sports—both action and traditional. The sport of Soccer being one of them. Let's be honest, when we think protection, especially when it comes to our Youth soccer players we want proper impact protection, the kind that just adds a bit of peace of mind. G-Forms shin guards, tops, bottoms and pads created just that: "Peace of Mind".

    HOW?: By creating protective padding garments that respond to collisions.

    G-Form uses a proprietary and patented molding rate-dependent technology process to create the protective padding. The molecules in the molded composition slightly repel each other for a soft, wearable feel—at first. In short, when the padding gets hit with a force, the molecules bind together, turning rigid and protecting “in a way a hard shell does.”. Then as the energy dissipate, they return to their soft and flexible state.

    The Extra Bonus: G-Form impact protection pads create a new way of protecting action sports athletes that lets them move as they wish, but keeps them protected.

    Quick Facts:

    • Soft, fully flexible shin guard. Passed NOCSAE and FIFA safety certification.
    • Provide ease of movement—Form fit to your shin, it never move out of place.
    • Protection and Esthetics—Absorb impact better than any hard shell guard. The thin nature of the padding appears invisible for the most part and therefore gives the player a "Natural Look".
    • Sewed on a compression sleeve, the pads are 1/8th of an inch thick up to 3/8th thick, keeping the padding lightweight and low profile. 
    • The protection layer doesn’t absorb sweat or moisture and the garment can get tossed in a regular washing machine—prevents odor, bacteria, and infection.
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    We are told that G-Form will continue to introduce new product in 2016 and '17 that caters to the action world. Albion Nation News will be in touch and share with you the News as new products come out.

    TO ALL ALBION PLAYERS: G-FORM, sponsor of the ALBION PROS and ALBION SC, has allocated a limited amount of G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards, available for purchase to all Albion players at a Heavily Discounted Price of - 30% OFF* (while supplies last*).

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  • Online Albion SC apparel is here!

    “ I am very excited about this new feature of support for the Albion SC community! I have long aspired to give our supporters an avenue that if they wanted to support their team and club they could do so. The new online ALBION NATION collection will allow supporters to individualize their apparel needs through numerous options and choices. With the online store, anyone, anytime can order their ALBION NATION apparel and receive it for games, league play, tournaments, or simply for day to day needs, and be highly fashionable and supporting.”

    Noah Gins, Executive Director

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